Shasèl, handcrafted shoes

The origin

Shasel’s traceability system gives information about each leather’s origin and the way it goes down until it turns into your shoes.

— Because each and every leather we use is duly identified.

The leather

At Shasèl we are very demanding and for each shoe we carefully select the leather that will give you maximum comfort.

The best leathers are Shasèl’s seal of quality. Only naturally tanned bovine leather with vegetable tanning agents to make your shoe fit your foot like a glove.

— Nothing but top quality bovine leather.

Spanish craftsmen

Joan Arrey went across Spain to carefully select the best experts in the craft of shoemaking.

Together they recovered yesterday’s traditions to create Shasèl’s shoes.

Elegant. Comfortable. Distinguished.

— Taking great care in every single detail.

Unique works

Shasèl’s craftsmen paint every shoe by hand.

That is why you will not find two identical pairs, not even in the same color.

Your Shasèl shoes are unequalled. Unique.

— Handpainted, one by one.

What goes unseen

Invisible sewing, hidden details, delicacy, tenderness, detailedness, ongoing research and utmost thoroughness for your Shasèl shoes to be comfortable, elegant, long-lasting.

— Blake Sewing