Spring Summer

Shasel Lookbook SS19

Shasèl evokes salt with a gentle, mellow and intimate tone; as if the sea were whispering to you.

It brings me back to my childhood years, when I lived surrounded
by the salt with which we used to tan leather in our house.

This is the feeling that I get when I approach the shore and the sea breeze carries this scent anew, reminding me of my infancy dreams.

I never would have thought today that boy would fulfill one of his dreams; to wear his own shoes.

Joan Arrey Oliver

From this spring on you will walk with Xuan, Yaan, Yon, João, Ioan, Juhani, Janez, Jovan, Juwan & Johnny

Shasel Costa Brava

Meet our first family.

Shasèl Lookbook Yann
Shasel Costa Brava
Shasèl SS19 Costa Brava
Shasèl Lookbook Ioan
Shasèl Lookbook Costa Brava
Shasèl Lookbook Costa Brava
Shasèl Lookbook Costa Brava
Shasèl Lookbook Janez

Our shoes fuse old and new: vegetable tanning, a technique from preceding generations we have rescued, and a brave and innovative design.

Shasèl Lookbook Juwan
Shasèl Costa Brava

When you put our shoes on, we want you to feel that they are made to never stop walking, because we know that from this spring on a new story starts with every step.

Shàsel Lookbook Costa Brava

Are you ready to walk,

walk and walk?