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Shasèl is born out of Joan’s thrill and passion for wearing new shoes Now, his shoes.

They are made in Spain with the finest leather, which our craftsmen turn into unique shoes with high-quality finishes, details, comfort and ready to walk, walk and walk.

About Joan

I was born in a small village in the region of Osona, inland Catalonia. I was the youngest of six and had quite a large number of cousins. There is a saying that goes: “you are happier than a kid with new shoes”; in the 60s, wearing garments for the first time was a joyful occasion and one could see that in your face. It was even said that new shoes made you run faster. Being the youngest of six made it difficult for me to feel that way because I used to inherit my brother’s clothes and shoes.

I have been closely linked to the world of leather since I was little. At first, we and our parents, who were butchers, would clean and salt hides, and later on I worked in several leather factories in Vic. I have spent my whole life surrounded by leather and this is how I have become what I am today. I have decided to make my dream come true and wear my own shoes for the first time: high in quality, pampered and taken care of from the manufacturing until they reach you.

I am utterly convinced that your Shasèl will make you feel as if that kid who was wearing new shoes had never stopped walking, walking and walking until today.

Joan Arrey i Oliver

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